Sunday, January 25, 2015

More Housing Rant

One little word... VRBO
Why oh why didn't anyone tell me about this??
The heavens have opened up and housing glory is spilling out. 
Seriously though...
I'm ready to kick the over inflated corporate housing package to the curb.
Traveler's Haven you have disappointed me more than once 
with your crappy beds and half hearted furnishings. 
We gave you a chance to WOW us in Kingwood and while we love the apt and location,
you failed again with the beds and low quality furnishings.
I know we have pets but we desire better from you.
Overall we have been very pleased with private housing that is fully furnished directly by the owner.
The housing coordinator at Steve's agency has placed us privately when she found it available but sometimes it's just not there in the area we desire.
Both with the house in New Mexico and recently the housing in Nevada the beds have been amazing, complete with wifi and cable, big TV's, spacious rooms, fully furnished, w/d, pet friendly, and nicely decorated for a fraction of the cost of what Traveler's Haven has provided.
In the Eleventh hour, when the Nevada job came through with a glorious housing stipend...
we surprised ourselves by dealing with our own housing.
It works out to be a huge savings for us, and we still get to live really well...
On our own nickel.
If this turns out to be a good deal then
I'll be coordinating our housing from now on with the help of VRBO and AIRBNB
and any other housing leads I can muster.
I've already started researching furnished short term housing for our return to the Houston area
and I've been pleasantly surprised
at the availability and rental fees for vacation homes overall in Texas.
I hope to find us a great place to relax and spend the holidays later this year.
So it looks like our housing dilemma is solved and my rant is over...for now!

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