Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Our Next Destination

I've learned not to anticipate our travel destinations too quickly.
We are nearing the end of our stay in Houston and beginning to prepare for the next assignment. 
Where? I honestly haven't a clue.
Steve is fielding some opportunities in New Mexico and Florida
While at times I'm dreaming of mountains and ski resorts...
Or sandy beaches and blue water!
We could even find ourselves back in Nevada or Washington State.
So, who knows today? 
We are also researching housing costs and climate as well this time around.
Still we are 3 weeks out and anything can happen. 
I'm just beginning to purge and pack so we are even better prepared for the next road trip. 
Daily I'm organizing every little thing... I hate clutter.
Visiting the storage this week and pairing down what little we own.
We are so thankful for our new travel vehicle that will allow us 
to carry more of our necessities and travel in comfort.
Planning some final get togethers with family and friends too!
Booking our dr appointments and haircuts, lol.
The excitement is building to see which direction we travel in 2015. 

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