Thursday, January 29, 2015

Nevada Bound

Nothing should surprise me anymore when it comes to my husband securing his next nursing assignment, but I can't help but be amazed at how everything seemingly works it's way out in the end.
Just when we seem hopeless and disappointed something wonderful and meaningful happens.
We are reminded at just the right time that God is in complete control, not us.
So, This is how the Nevada contract came together in the eleventh hour...
About 4 weeks before the Texas contract was to end, 
Steve contacted his previous employer in Nevada about a possible return. 
He was told that there was nothing available at the moment.
It was understandable since it is a remote area with limited staff needed.
Then about a week later that exact job was posted.
Excited he contacted his recruiter who immediately sent his application over...
But for some reason it was declined and an offer was not made.
He is told Nevada is a no go.
Ugh, more discouragement we don't need right now.
Of course we are very disappointed since having left on such good terms and anticipating a return someday, we totally expected an offer.
We are unable to determine what the problem is or if there even is one, so we pray and move on.
Steve started inquiring and fielding interviews with about 5 different hospitals 
throughout New Mexico and Arizona.
This is the reason I totally expected us to head to Northern New Mexico...
He got numerous offers and decided on one hospital in particular near Santa Fe.
He even gave a verbal ok to his recruiter and she prepared the contract,
Even sent it over for his final signature.
So there it is...
A pretty good offer and contract waiting for a signature.
Just as Steve was getting ready to sign it...
And mind you that all this is going down 2 weeks out at 2pm on a Friday afternoon, lol.
His phone's Nevada.
They want to know if he is available and he tells them, "no", 
since he has already given a verbal to New Mexico.
Ugh...what to do? 
So after a conversation with his recruiter they decide to contact Nevada
and air out the discrepancies to determine what the misunderstanding is...
Why was his original application refused?
And that's all it was... A big paperwork misunderstanding. 
That is all.
Nothing more.
Long story short...
Nevada makes a crazy good offer...
Steve accepts...
Within 2 hours they send the contract and he signs.
I contacted our previous housing landlord and arranged housing.
Just like that...
We are Nevada bound!
True story.

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