Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Tacoma Folks

Part of travel life is the falling in love with new places and then having to say goodbye.  Steve's nursing contract is ending soon and we are leaving the Pacific Northwest on June 9. I'm sad in a way, but I know it's time and we need to go. Steve doesn't have a summer assignment as of yet, so we are "planning" on taking a good road trip as we head back to Texas, unless a new contract changes things...and it easily could. We were due to leave March 9th, but an extension came through and we stayed another 13 weeks. I think if we had a real connection to this place (like family, friends, and Tex Mex food), we could live here perm, it's that good. However I've said before, this is not our home and these are not our people. Definitely not our people...these subaru drivin, granola eatin, dog walkin, backpack carryin, pot smokin folks are interesting to say the least, so loud and rude and unpretentious. Many here are afoot in the city, walking everywhere, hitchhiking and using public transportation. The honking and screaming is something I sure won't miss either. This Tacoma bunch is just rough and I catch my alter ego...honking back and yelling too. Weird, because that's not me. I think people in the south are much slower to speak and much much more polite overall. I've heard that said over and over and so far it proves to be true. There seems to be more freedom here too with no recourse, no police presence, and no guns...
But overall, the people love us and our Texas accents... lol
We get asked all the time..."Where are you from? because you are not from here"...lol
I usually just respond "Yeah, I'm definitely not from here...you got that right"...lol
Overall our experience here has been really good and we look forward to a new adventure this summer wherever we land. 

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