Saturday, May 24, 2014

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

We spent a lovely day on May 21, 2014 traveling to Canada via the Victoria Clipper Ferry.
 We left Tacoma about 5:30 am and arrived in Seattle around 6:30 am to check in and pick up our boarding passes. The Boat sailed about 7:30am, so we had plenty of time to spare. 

 Here is Pier 69 in Seattle...

checking in...

time to board!

ready for our clipper ferry ride!

We arrived in Victoria, British Columbia about 10:30am

My sweet hubby enjoying this beautiful day down by the water...

beautiful flags all around the city!

these are some of the harbor tour boats!

The British Parliament Bldg right across the street!

What a lovely sight! 

The Empress, known for  their pricey afternoon tea.

We weren't dressed for the occasion and at $57.50 per person....we decided to pass. 
Update... $59.95 pp

We enjoyed a quiet stroll through the downtown area...Look who I found!

We even sampled a few hot dogs! lol

lots of interesting sights to see...

Beautiful gardens and landscaping throughout the city

We decided to visit the Royal British Columbia Museum.

The Viking Exhibit was awesome...

I think these are the viking weapons

viking headpieces for sale in the gift shop!

the modern living history section...a theater 

showing silent

The Museum was very extensive, we loved our visit!

even the signs are British...

We toured the Parliament Bldg next...


It was magnificent! 

So elegant...

The stained glass was beautiful!

This week was open house and we were able to tour 2 floors of the bldg

We happened upon a school group tour and made the acquaintance of Queen Victoria herself...

She is very proud of her namesake and shared so much great history with us!

more flags...

This donation box is full of currency from around the world...

My favorite souvenirs...

Canadian currency...isn't it lovely? I think so.
Our wonderful day has come to an end and now it's time to sail back to Seattle.
Our ferry leaves Victoria at 6:30 pm and we arrive in Seattle about 9:30 pm.
It was a bumpy ride back while crossing the Strait of Juan de Fuca, but as we approached Seattle at night we enjoyed the most amazing view of the Emerald City! Wow!  
Today was a big learning experience for us. We went through customs 4 times, took in some wonderful harbour views, got schooled on loonies and toonies, strolled through lovely gardens, visited the British Royal Museum, walked through the Parliament Bldg with Queen Victoria, took a boat ride straight from deadliest catch, ate strange food, met weird people, and drank bad coffee all within about a 16 hour time span.
We are tired, but it was a day we will remember forever.

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