Monday, May 19, 2014

Plan A

Have you ever felt lost and without direction? Yeah, we sure have...many times. When we married almost 15 years ago, we blended two pitiful lives together. We had little hopes for the future and no real dreams. Plan A at that time was just getting our kids raised and all of us coming out alive in the end. So we lived the only way we knew working hard. This meant that I would run a home business, raise the kids, maintain our house...Steve would work outside the home as our provider, and it took a lot to provide for us all. We lived in the moment by necessity...extinguishing fires everyday and doing little more than just surviving. Life was an all out effort to get 8 people in 2 cars just to go anywhere together. Our life was full with a big house, big bills, lots of kids, laughter, food, and socks...lots of dirty socks...Those were good years that passed like the blink of an eye and I am so thankful I was home to enjoy it all. In all our struggles I know God was there every step of the way, guiding us on this journey. We had our share of disappointments too, but joy came later in seeing our accomplishments in graduations, new careers, celebrations, weddings and births...We stayed the course and finally arrived at the place in our life where we could have some new dreams. 
Hmmm new dreams?  Steve was already dreaming, not so much, but I agreed it was time for a new Plan. 
Now that Steve has a nursing career he dreams to work as a travel nurse all over the USA.
He conjured up Plan A, A.1, and A.2 and I slowly got on board. 
There was only one problem, first we had to tackle Operation Freedom, the becoming debt free. Ugh... seems like there's always something getting in the way of our dreams. This one took time, like 6 + years, but it was totally worth it.
Finally the day arrived and we were scared to death to launch into Plan A, but we conquered our fear and we are blessed all the more for it.  
We have modified Plan A as needed, especially the housing part of it. Steve just reminded me that this is really Plan A.1 we are in right now...whatever, I'll take it. 
So, don't give up on your dreams, my friend.
Execute your own Operation Freedom so that you can live the life God has intended for you. 
Execute your plan...pray about it, work it, modify it and never ever give up. 

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