Monday, May 26, 2014


Steve has verbally accepted a job in Nevada for the summer. Yes, NEVADA! not New Mexico or Colorado as we hoped. He did get some lowball job offers from NM and CO, but they came in too low for us to even live on. The CO contract was so poor that we would have to pay them for our housing. So... Nevada it is! He hasn't signed any papers yet, so of course anything can happen. His recruiter said we should get the final contract by Tuesday. They are still tweaking it and working out the final numbers for us. So, as long as it all comes together on paper everything should be fine. Please pray that they can help us secure safe affordable air conditioned pet friendly housing available in 2 short weeks. I know it's a lot to ask, but we trust God with all the details.  Even when we don't understand it all, we know it will all work out in the end. .  
Anyway, this hospital is in a small town in the high desert near the Oregon border.  Hopefully the summer will not be such a scorcher at 4500 ft. We were looking forward to an extended road trip but now that's been cancelled. Nevada wants him asap, so we will leave Tacoma June 9, and check in the same day just 10 hours later in Nevada. His start date is June 11.  This saves us a ton, about $2000.00 in travel fees. Last time we were 3 weeks in between contracts and that proved very costly. We really don't have the budget for a big vacation right now. Living in the pacific northwest has been a dream come true...and a expensive one at that, but I wouldn't trade these days for anything. His new assignment should run 13 weeks ending in mid Sept. That will put us back in Texas by looking forward to a good long visit with our family and friends!! We miss you all so much!


  1. AND WE MISS YOU! Hope you are much better now since back on the road. much love from us in ya! ABS