Friday, May 23, 2014

Moving On

We are leaving here in a little over 2 short weeks. This next week is all about the purging and packing.  We are limited in space to 2 travel bags per person...backpack or duffel and a rolling carry on. This is really all we need anyway. I'm donating most of our winter gear and looking forward to shorts, tshirts and flip flops for the summer months. Steve has not finalized a summer assignment as of yet. The contract summaries that have been submitted to him are low. There is still plenty of time, so we will just "take a potato and wait" for now. 
We have thoroughly enjoyed our stay here in the Pacific Northwest and it will be a sad goodbye, however we may return someday for another visit. We haven't left yet and there are plenty of jobs up here, so ya never know.... but honestly I think we will head back to New Mexico soon. 
With just 2 weeks left we have been trying to fit in some final sightseeing trips. 

We took a lovely drive back to Snoqualmie Falls and hiked down to the bottom of the waterfalls.

 It was lovely... but the trek down there nearly killed me.

 By the time we got back my feet were really hurting bad...  

thank goodness for these boots or I could not have hiked as far as I did.

and I might have missed seeing this...

and this...

but I made it and it was a sight to behold.   

so amazing! 

The water is so loud and smells so good. I wish I could bottle it all up for safe keeping! 

I love these two guys so much! 

Today was such a gift for us! 
We also drove back out to Roslyn, where they filmed Northern Exposure. 

The weather was lovely and we had a nice stroll through the town ...


Ruth Ann's Store and more lovely shops...

and the coal mining museum! 

We had to have lunch at The Brick! 

They have the best Philly Cheese steak baskets!

We stopped for ice cream at Maggie's Pantry before leaving! 

I had their blueberry cheesecake...yumm
There's Dr Fleischman's office behind me in the blue building! 

and as we were leaving, we drove by Maggie's house! So cute!

Time to head back to Tacoma, Bye Cicely for now! 

 There was still some snow up in the mountains...
 but the pass was clear and it made for a wonderful Sunday afternoon drive home. 

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