Friday, May 9, 2014

Mt. Rainier National Park

We have waited for this day since last December 2013. When we got here 12/7/2013, the roads were already closed for the season so we couldn't visit the park. On sunny days I could catch a glimpse of this beautiful mountain towering over Tacoma, it is gigantic to say the least, and we looked forward to exploring it up close. The road from Longmire to Paradise was finally opened on May 1 so we took a great drive up there on 5/7/2014 to see the sights. 
Oh my goodness! This park is amazing... even better than we first expected.  We did encounter snow but the roads were clear and we able to see so much just from our jeep. As we drive through the park we find many well marked lookout areas. It makes for a very relaxing informational day. There is so much to learn here and I try to incorporate as much as I can for our benefit as well as Spencer's homeschool.
What an experience to smell the fresh air and hear the waterfalls and see the mountain up close!
Wow! I am awestruck over and over again all day long. 

We drive through tree tunnels for about 40 miles till we come to the entrance!

At the Longmire Visitor Center...Steve takes a great shot of a woodpecker!

critter proof garbage cans!

We enjoyed a picnic lunch and our first glimpse of snow capped mountains...


The Christine Falls are amazing...the air is so cold and smells fresh and clean!

Spencer slips in the snow getting a better look and we all have a good laugh!

Steve's new facebook picture!

As we are driving though the park the temperature is dropping...

These roads have just been cleared and opened this past week. 

We encounter more and more snow...and trees too!

Finally we arrive at Paradise Visitor Center...Avalanche Danger considerable???

and we see beautiful Mt Rainier!

lots of snow on the ground...

skiers and hikers are enjoying this sunny day!

The road beyond the Paradise Visitor Center is still closed, 
so we turn around and head out the way we came in. 

I wish I could bottle this day up and save it for later...

Rainier Base Camp

We head back to Tacoma and end our day with dinner and dessert at Blazing Onions! 
I'm exhausted but my heart is full. 
Thank you Lord for these good days, they will be just a memory someday...

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