Tuesday, May 6, 2014

On being a stranger

We are constantly moving around in new places and we are the strangers now. As we cross the U.S. border, I receive a text from AT&T reminding me that for this one moment, I am an alien in a foreign land. There's a level of being anonymous that is comfortable, but everywhere I turn I am reminded that this is not my home and these are not my people. This travel life stretches our comfort zone to the breaking point and then pulls us gently back in just when we realize that it's all ok, we are ok, and every little thing is going to be ok. The adventures we have experienced in just 8 short months has been phenomenal and I wouldn't change a thing. We needed this change in our lives. We needed to experience more diversity (than Houston) which by the way is quite diverse, and living there most of our lives has indeed prepared us for this temporary travel life. We live houseless and nomadic. It's crazy I know and many have felt the need to share that sentiment with us. As we travel further away from Texas, even the immigrants we encounter are foreign to us, mostly Russian, French and Asian. We have rarely heard the Spanish language spoken since leaving California. This for us means one thing... there are no Mexican food restaurants anywhere within 2000 miles! Ugh, I was so unprepared for that, no mariachi music, sopapillas, yellow queso, pork tamales, the list goes on and on... We do however realize how unique each state is as we stop and sample the local cuisine. Some foods we love...and some not so much. We do enjoy the moments we chit chat with the locals. We come in contact with mostly 2 kinds of people, those that get our lifestyle and those that can't wrap their brain around it. I admit that I was the latter for a long time so I understand. We usually just ignore any negativity and keep moving forward. But sometimes when we encounter those that are like minded...Wow! They reveal secret lifestyle changes and travel plans of their own and they want to know more about us. We have the most satisfying engagement and for just one moment, we are not strangers anymore. We find community in their support and goodness. We recall all the planning and secret excitement that went into exchanging everything familiar for everything strange. When we are homesick, scared and frustrated even questioning our decisions... we receive little bits of confirmation in our communication with the locals. Sometimes I utter a little prayer, "Thank you God I know that was you". This renews our purpose and gives us peace as we press onto the next adventure. Just as we have become comfortable here, easily navigating the area and falling in love with the people and the scenery, the time has come for us to move on. We will be strangers again next month as we travel to a new work location for the summer. Are we excited? yes! scared? a little!
but we are mostly just looking forward to another adventure of freedom...wherever that may be.

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