Friday, February 20, 2015


I know a lot of people don't like Walmart...
And that's ok because in the past it really hasn't been my first shopping preference either,
At least not in Texas.
Oh how I hate to admit it...
But, as we have travelled out west,
Walmart has become a huge lifesaver for us.
Since there's no Walgreens or CVS...
Walmart has been my only pharmacy.
Since there's no Kroger or HEB...
Walmart has been my go to grocery store.
Since there's no Hobby Lobby or Michael's...
Walmart has been my craft store.
Honestly, it's my everything store.
It's also the only place in town to print pictures too.
My daughter ordered prints of my grandchildren online 
and even had them printed for me here in Winnemucca for Valentine's Day.
I just went to the photo dept and they were ready for pickup.
I have really grown to love this Walmart...
And the best part... No crowds most of the time.
Some days I even have it all to myself!
Of course at other times it's full of ranchers loading up on monthly supplies,
And the parking lot is full of campers on their journey.
Since we landed back here on 2/6...
I think I've gone to Walmart at least 10 times or more, lol.
And I'm not kidding either.
There's always that one item we need and Walmart has it in stock.
We do shop local stores, but they are expensive and small 
with a very limited selection.
I've tried to embrace the little local supermarkets,
 but the unfamiliar brands and the sticker shock drive me away fast!
At least with Walmart I'm familiar with most everything and it's somewhat west coast affordable!
Thank you Walmart...
For stocking my Texas comfort food...

for being my one little shopping pleasure out here in the desert.

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