Friday, February 27, 2015

My View

From our apartment is always quite lovely...
Usually we see an incredible sunrise.
This morning we woke to a wintry mix of all things Nevada.

Snow and sleet began falling around 6 am and blanketed my mountain backyard
With a white a icey goodness these Texans haven't seen since Washington State last year.

I'm sure travel is a slick mess for most around here, but we are warm and cozy for the day...
Enjoying our ever changing view from the comfort of our apartment. 

Moments like this make me so glad we reconsidered the whole rv camper thing...
I cannot even imagine the propane it would take to keep us warm,
Not sure how you brave souls make it all winter travel nursing in rv's in the northwest.

So today we are enjoying the tale end of our Nevada winter and looking forward to warm dry clear days of stargazing and road tripping this summer. 

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