Saturday, February 7, 2015

Las Vegas

We left Albuquerque early, about 7 am on 2/4/2015.
What a beautiful morning and an amazing sunrise in our rear view mirror, wow!
It was a chilly 32 degrees and we see lots of snow in the passes and on the mountains.

While we love the beautiful painted desert and interesting rock formations in New Mexico we are always saddened by the extreme poverty.
Such sad living conditions exist in NM.

Numerous towns with no water, schools or clinics.
And I cannot believe the squalor that exists on the Indian reservations.
So so sad...too sad to even blog about it all.
Anyway, as we cross into Arizona, 

housing seems to pick up and govt housing switches from muddy cramped trailer parks to little square houses with small yards.
Much better.
The drive is relaxing and uneventful.
We pull into one of our favorite picturesque towns for lunch... Flagstaff.
Decided on Wendy's, Yummy!
Since we've no time to waste we head straight to Nevada and we arrive early to our wonderful suite at Laquinta Red Rock Summerlin Las Vegas.

It's good, we're tired, sightseeing, dinner and to bed.

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