Sunday, February 8, 2015

Home away from Home

The last stretch of our epic Nevada road trip brought us a little excitement!
We left civilization, I mean Las Vegas on 2/6/15 about 7:30 am.
Steve made sure to stop and get me one final starbucks as we know there won't be any for a while...

We've driven this lonely road before...miles and miles of open empty highway.
With just an 8 hour drive ahead of us, 
We take the desolate route through Goldfield...

It's a historic mining town...

And Tonopah...
enjoying the snow capped mountain views...

until out of no where we encounter a nasty dust storm.

Our visibility went from viewing the horizon to only seeing your hand in front of your face 
All in just a matter of minutes.

Wow, scary... But Steve slowed down and continued on. 
Only because there was no traffic.
Otherwise we would have had to pull over.
It cleared out near Austin, NV 
and we continued to make good time
 arriving in Winnemucca about 2:45 in the afternoon.
The skies were overcast so I couldn't see the mountains in the distance.
We take housing at our past apartment complex.
High Ground Village Courtyard
It's ready and wonderful! 
Very well furnished with amazing beds, new linens, and new appliances,
Big tv, cable, internet with wifi all ready for us.
We love it and are so ready to sleep hard in the cold dark desert tonight...
Enjoying the freedom we have so missed and being able to breathe in the wide open spaces...
Our home away from home today...
Winnemucca, NV

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