Tuesday, December 30, 2014

2014 Closure

Another year is ending and we all say ...
Where has the time gone? 
It's just like a dream. 
Each moment swiftly passing into the next til it's all a blur.
I'm so glad I blogged somewhat through the year.
It has given me such joy to recall so many happy moments in one place.

There are big monthly gaps of silence followed by days on end of rambling...
Such is this life...
We swing between running on empty and resting...lol
Finding balance somewhere in between.
This travel gig takes us to the edge and just when we think we cannot stand it a minute longer,
We are pulled back into moments of deep rest and relaxation. 
To be still and reflect...
Then more twists and turns around each bend.
So exciting these days.

We were tired and weary when we arrived back in Texas, 
But these past few weeks...
We find ourselves rested and renewed.
Our hearts full and energized.

 Right now we are wrapping up the holiday celebrations and 
this crazy Houston assignment...
Researching new 2015 travel destinations.
Soon decisions have to be made and contracts signed.
So we continue to evaluate our opportunities
And look forward to all the possibilities that 2015 may hold for us.

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