Thursday, December 11, 2014

Texas Creature Comforts

So many comforting things about Texas! 
We are so happy with the immediate area surrounding our apt, and we love our housing!!
Houston is a big place and we have lived here all our life but not on this side of town.
So, I was so happy to find all our favorite shops and restaurants nearby! 
We have the most amazing Kroger across the street,
It's a huge marketplace. 
With the best deli/bakery/meat selection.
Love it!
I've heard it said that Houston has some of the best shopping and restaurants in the nation.
It's true and something I always took for granted.
It's such a pleasure to buy gas and food here.
The prices and selection are amazing.
I'm already planning to pack up a bunch of Texas goodies 
to take with us to our next destination.
We recently took a little drive into Houston on a Thursday morning to visit
the Museum of Natural Science

we enjoyed the new shark exhibit...

touching real sharks...

very informative too...

can't forget the dinosaur exhibit either...


And a stop at the Museum of Fine Arts
Both are wonderful!
Just as we remembered...
and free on Thursdays!
So, of course we just had to pay a visit to the House of Pies
for lunch in between museums
and The Chocolate Bar
for a late afternoon snack.

So so good!!
The only damper on our day was the incredible Houston traffic,
This is something we don't miss!!
But right now we are enjoying every opportunity to get our Houston fix...
Filling each day with all the goodness we can!

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