Monday, December 8, 2014

Htown our hometown

It's so good to be home, if only for a while.
Our lovely apartment was ready for us a day earlier then expected so we arrived 
in Houston on 10/31, Halloween afternoon.
We unloaded our few possessions and instead of going immediately to Walmart, 
we headed straight to see some grand kids!!
Oh how we missed them!
The next day we were even able to attend our grand daughters birthday party!

Such fun and what a family reunion it was!
So we've been soaking up days and days of family love.
So so good.
So good that we've contemplated this travel life.
Even *gasp* considering a home purchase. 
After researching homes in the area and rereading our blog, 
we both agree that we are not ready for our Texas home yet.
The travel life is still calling our name.
It's hard at times but the freedom we have right now is something we just cannot give up yet,
if ever.
We love this life, but the comfort of home is something we truly miss.
We agree that 14 months is too long to be away from home.
We are tired and homesick.
We will continue to travel but we will try make it back to Texas more often.
We also agree on the purchase of a new travel vehicle.
The jeep has done her job well, but she's too small and nearing 100k miles. 
It's time to move onto something much larger and safer for full time travel.
We are also in need of a new computer...
So there's lots of decisions to be made in a short period of time. 
As far as work in Houston, Steve is not happy with this assignment, ugh.
I so wanted him to love it and for us to stay 6 months here.
But alas it is not going to be.
Between his disappointing contract, the traffic, crazy Texans, and yucky weather,
It appears we are moving onto another assignment 2/1/15.
Where? Who knows? 
Maybe a return to the vast empty money making west! 
Or maybe not.
So, right now we enjoy every moment...
We discuss our options, 
We pray for direction and
We make decisions as we continue our journey together.

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