Friday, December 12, 2014

Hi Ho Silver

The day finally arrived on a rainy Friday morning that 
our longtime friend, Jeep Jeep, went on to live with another family.

It was time.
We all knew it.
We carefully planned to upgrade our vehicle while we were in Texas...
and now the time was right.

We shared so many adventures...

For 7 years driving all the way to Florida and then all over the West coast! 
One adventure after another...
Now we will begin a new adventure in 2015 in our new truck! 

We got an amazing deal on a brand spanking new close out
2014 Ram 4dr Pick Up

She's sparkly and shiny too! 
Steve said right away...
Hi Ho Silver!
Ahhhh... Lots of headroom and feet room!
She will make a great travel vehicle for our next adventure!

And hopefully many adventures to come.
Hi Ho Silver... And away...

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