Saturday, April 25, 2015

April Snow

I spoke too soon about the warm spring weather, lol.

We woke up this morning 4/25/15 to light rain that turned quickly into snow showers.

Here's a peek of my backyard.
I usually have a lovely mountain view 
like this...

So for the last 3 hours we have had snow steadily falling...

Sometimes even big fluffy flakes too!
In just the month of April we have had more snow than in the all of Winter.
Another little snowstorm blew through on Thursday 4/8/15
and it left a beautiful dusting of snow on the mountains...

Yeah, snow in April.

We also had another spring storm on Tuesday 4/14/15.

A lovely reminder of God's power and a gorgeous view of his handiwork.

We are so blessed to receive it.

The icy crisp air smells so good and leaves the desert seemingly clean and refreshed.

So amazing to be here in Nevada in the Springtime.
We are looking forward to some nice warm weather soon. So soon that I booked us a camping trip to Yellowstone!
It will be here in no time.
So until then I am dreaming, planning, hoping for spring to arrive and stay for a while!


  1. Our home town in the SLC, UT area just got hammered with storms too. The mountains got almost 4 feet a week or so ago. The west needs all the rain it can get right now.

    1. Yes we need it for sure. The day after our rain/snow event occurred, our clear blue skies and warm sunshine returned. There is still some snow visible in the mountains but looks like we are back to our dry cool weather. So ready for Winter to be over so we can get out and camp in the Nevada High Desert!