Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Health and Fitness

It's really suffered being on the road.
We have enjoyed visiting so many different places and partaking in their local cuisine.
I mean how can I stay focused when we visit amazing hotels with gorgeous buffets?
Like this...
The Atlantis Hotel
With rows and rows of steak, seafood, salads, fruit, vegetables, Asian and Mexican cuisine etc...
So many foods to choose from and
That serves amazing deserts!
Like this...

I have fallen off the healthy wagon over and over again and it has to stop.
We just spent 4 lovely days in Reno and I feel like I've been submerged underwater, lol
Finally coming up to the surface for air.
Yeah it was that good.
Per Spencer's request, we also paid a visit to Buffalo Wild Wings,
A donut shop that had kolaches,
And The Hard Rock Cafe at
Lake Tahoe.
Prior to our travel life...
I always followed a strict diet and I went to the gym at least 5 days a week.
Really working out hard for 2 solid hours.
Ugh, but now it just comes in waves. 
When the opportunity presents itself and the mood strikes me.
Rarely happens at the same time.
I have to do better and that means saying no.
I mean really saying no to foods I shouldn't eat and exercising daily.
I had such willpower but these last few years I've been really bad at taking care of me.
Sure I look the same but my numbers are bad.
My sugar has been too high and the ICU visit last year really scared me.
So while we are stationary at the moment, 
I've decided to take matters in my own hands and boy am I sore.
I hit up the internet for all types of ideas and 
I never realized what a great exercise resource you tube is.
We listen to music and all but I never thought to look for workout programs.
There are a ton of them and all free! 
I found so many short quick easy videos to get started.
It has really helped me get back into a routine of exercise.
I've even been pretty good about eating healthier.
I'm back on my protein drinks and salads and I already feel better.
Spencer bought a small weight set and I've been using the lighter weights
and I can already tell the difference. 
I expect the challenge to continue but at least I'm not ignoring it anymore.
That in itself is a relief. 
Now if the Easter goodies would just go away...lol.

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