Thursday, April 2, 2015

Getting Lost

As we travel more extensively we find that there are more opportunities to be lost.
Just temporarily.
Can't find the map, read the map or the map is wrong.
No cell service, 3G or 4g.
For just a moment we experience a strange combination of excitement and fear.
That brief second that we truly don't know where we are.
We enjoy travel and we enjoy being lost from time to time.
Turning onto roads that we are not familiar with and finding ourselves in strange places.
Not knowing what is over the horizon.
Anticipating the next curve.
Taking it slow and breathing in the moment.
Exploring unknown accidental destinations.
It's good for your soul to wander.
Going on adventures has been so good for us.
We have accidentally seen some marvelous sights just wandering around.

Waking up and deciding to go explore,
Not having a rigid plan for the day...
Just driving in any direction...
Seeing places we've never seen before nor will ever see again.
This vast open desert gives us hours upon hours of
Unlimited opportunities to just be lost.
To be alone with our thoughts and enjoy solitude for just a moment...
Wandering til we find ourselves back on familiar roads where our 4g kicks back in and
We arrive back into the known and we are once again safe and sound.
Suddenly no longer lost but found.

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