Sunday, April 5, 2015

Springtime in Nevada

Happy Easter to all our friends and family!
Another holiday without our kids and grandkids, ugh!
I miss them so.
But I did fix some Easter goodies for my son and I'll spend the day calling, face timing, chatting, skyping, texting, emailing, facebooking and using any other communication device I can
To visit with them all today!
Thank goodness for modern technology!

Yeah, that's a popcorn bucket and not an Easter basket for my tween! lol
Spring has finally sprung here in Nevada.
Although it's still really cold, like in the 20's last night
and we still have snow in the forecast...

It's officially Spring!!!
And getting warmer and warmer each afternoon.
Rising well into the 60's...
And the sunshine!
With breathtaking sunrises and sunsets.
We've been waiting for these warm sunny days for weeks!
We did not get to view the blood moon yesterday,
It was too cloudy.
Usually I have the best view from my window but not this time.
Steve is working a bunch of shifts right now but 
He has a stretch of days off coming up so we are heading to 
Sparks for shopping, 
Reno for lodging and 
Lake Tahoe for a 4 day getaway! 
Hopefully I'll have some new pictures to share.
We're glad to get outta dodge for a while...
But what I'm really excited about is planning our summer trips to 
Idaho, Wyoming and Utah! 
Oh my goodness! 
These are places we've never seen before and 
I want to make sure we pack as much fun 
in our days off as possible.
We've also got a few local day trips planned as well. 
Today, though, it's work as usual for Steve.
Homeschool for Spencer and
Netflix for me as we dream of warmer days ahead.

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