Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Some of the most glorious days

Some of the most glorious days have occurred these past few months. I just want to bottle them up and hold onto them forever. I'm concerned that if  I don't blog a little about it all that I will forget. So much happening in such a short amount of time. I think travel is like that....moments always spinning. We go from one adventurous day to the next. seriously, our life right now is that good. we love it. Here is a little about the adventure of just travelling from Roswell, NM to Tacoma, WA..

When we left Roswell,NM in Nov.2013, we knew we were headed to Tacoma, Wa with a start date of Dec 9. We made a short visit to Springtown, Tx, and then traveled on to see my precious Emilie in OKC.

 Got stuck there for 2 days in the snow/ice storm. 
We needed a good visit, Steve cooked lasagna and we watched Pacific Rim!

Then headed to Htown to see the rest of the family and drop off "stuff" at the storage.

 The traffic was a nightmare, but once we got there, we enjoyed a few meals with family! 
Steve is feeding Maddie ice cream at Gringo's! lol, it's late and she is half asleep.

We also ate lunch at Cheddars with Kelley, Kevin, and Gommie!

We also had a good visit with my dear neighbor, Gaylene!

Spencer loves neighbor Sharla's therapy dogs!

We nearly died twice, no joking. The rain and traffic were so bad in Houston.
We were ready to get back on the road and since there was about a 3 week gap in between assignments, we had lots of time to see everyone! 
Then we loaded up once more in Springtown,Texas and headed out west on nov 30. 
Bye Mom and Dad!

So thankful to have had a good visit with them and their terrorizing cat, Snowball!

We decided to travel via I20/I10 to LA. All packed up in our Jeep and ready for a new adventure!

New Mexico truly is the Land of Enchantment! 
love that big blue sky! the sun never stops shining there!

And Arizona was just down the highway!

LOVE the saguaro cactus!

 It was Spencer's first time to *see* Old Mexico in the distance and go through Ca border checkpoint.

and of course, once we arrived in California, Disney was in our path,again! lol

It was a wonderful visit again and to see the park decorated for Christmas... this was a lifelong dream come true for me! 
I'm planning to blog about our visit to Disneyland and Knott's Berry Farm very soon!
Until then, here's a glimpse of the castle decorated for christmas! Wow!

We also added a day at Knotts Berry Farm and the guys enjoyed the thrill rides! 

So... leaving LA on Dec 5 gave us 2 days to travel and arrive in Tacoma to check into our apt on December 7. no problem, right? WRONG! 
The drove was wonderful up I5 through Cali, the orange groves and avocado trees were so refreshing.

but as soon as we crossed into Oregon...all hell broke loose. 
It was crazy for these Texans. The wind, the snow, the mountain passes, the ice...

So, we just got behind a snow plow and prayed for dear life. 
Seriously and at 30 miles an hour too.
It took us what seemed forever to get to Ashland Oregon.

We stayed over night and the next day headed to Eugene OR, took all day to get there. 

We found a charming pet friendly LaQuinta and spent the night!

Mittens seemed to love it too! 
Little Bit was hiding under the bed, but she soon came out to see the snow!

So, we bought snow chains the next day and traveled through the remainder of Oregon, needing to remove them shortly as we drove out of most of the snowy passes.

A kind passerby helped Steve remove them then asked Steve to take their picture as they were newlyweds and wanted a snow pic for their xmas cards!
The roads became clearer and finally we are crossing into Washington State, so many trees, bridges, rivers, mountains...

We arrived in Tacoma on Sat, 12/7 in the afternoon to a beautiful brand spanking new 2 bedroom luxury apt, The Pacifica! ahhh Life is Good!

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