Friday, March 28, 2014

Seattle's Pike Place Market

So, on one of our first outings, 12/18/13, Steve headed straight for Seattle
and the historic Pike Place Market!
It did not disappoint! Lots of action down there. We had been warned about the crime and the homeless, but they didn't know we were from Htown and no stranger to all that, plus we just came from Roswell, NM. Downtown Seattle doesn't scare us, but there's always and element of fear in a new city! Seattle is everything they say it is.
Hip, trendy, music, food, shopping, gaming, and COFFEE!!!!
 My first glimpse of Seattle looked like this ...

It was a dreary day and the space needle to the left is so small...initially disappointing...however the day was successful as soon as I got to my fav place, Starbucks! and Pike Place Market is where it all started!

 My fav pike place grande coffee with splenda and halfnhalf!

It was a heavenly visit! Then onto the market to visit the stands!

So much to see and do!

Fresh Seafood everywhere!

and I mean lots of Seafood!

 Spencer enjoying a real coke, he said it was too sweet, Sonic is better!

 This is where they throw the fish around and sing!

Lots of street performers... you can hear music from anywhere in the market.
Then we left and headed to a really cool place called GAMEWORKS, in downtown near the mall. So fun, we hope to bring Spencer back to celebrate his 12th birthday in May.


 It is a massive gameroom with 3 levels and has many old retro games! 

 Steve and Spencer got their game on!

 I even found a game or two for me!

Ms. Pacman !

 It was dark when we left Seattle, but it was beautiful, all lit up for Christmas!

We have made many more trips since and loved it more every time we visit! 


  1. I feel like I need to live in Seattle!!

  2. I just saw this comment, lol, a year later! Maybe we will work up there again and ya'll can come visit. You would definately love it I'm sure!