Saturday, March 29, 2014

Seattle Premonition

I've never told anyone about this story until recently, but I want to blog about it so I can remember it forever. First of all, I don't believe in luck, coincidences, karma or preminitions. I believe God has a plan for my life and he holds me in the palm of his hand. Period. So with that said, Back in Sept 2013, on our first trip to Disneyland of the year, I met a lovely lady at California Adventure. This whole thing is weird because basically I'm anti social and I don't just meet people. So, what I'm saying is that looking back on all this it appears to be no accident. We started our morning running to the California Screamin Rollercoaster ride as soon as the park opened. Most everyone headed to the new Cars Land exhibit, not us! My son wanted to ride a real roller coaster and first thing in the morning the lines are short. I mean really short like no one was there.You can see the empty seats in this picture! Lines so short in fact that Steve and Spencer rode it 17 times! Sometimes never even leaving their seats!

I don't ride roller coasters in the morning since it makes me dizzy all day, so I find a nice place to sit. A few minutes another "mom" joined me. Her hubby and children were riding as well. We had a nice conversation about the park, weather, how many times we've been to Disney, where we were staying, and how long we are vacationing, and where we were both from. She's from Seattle. I remembering telling her I was from Texas and I had been cold since I got off the plane. I had on my pink hoodie and she said she was warm and loving the Ca sunshine. She's homeschooling her kids and they always vacation in early September due to crowds. We chatted about an hour or so. Then said our goodbyes and headed off to more adventures with our families. The next morning we decided to hit up Disneyland and ride some rides first off that don't have fast passes. Anyone who has ever been knows the long entry lines at the gate and how they funnel you into main street for the rope drop! Well, we are waiting to get in, literally shoulder to shoulder with 50,000 other guests and wouldn't ya know that my new friend from yesterday was standing next me with her family. She says, remember me? And I was could I forget you? we spent yesterday morning together. What are the odds finding anyone let alone a stranger in these crowds. lol but, What's really crazy about the whole thing is what she said next about Seattle. She told me yesterday all about Seattle and invited us up to visit someday. I blew her off because I knew there was no way we would ever go up there in all the rain and gloomy weather. Finally, the rope drops and the crowds move and she says maybe your husband will take a job in Seattle. I shake my head no, and Steve leans in and says that it's not on his bucket list. hahaha! We continue to move with the crowd and end up in line together on the matterhorn. we all rode together and when the ride ended. we went our separate ways and I never saw her again. Our trip ended a few days later and we flew back to Texas. We met others on this trip, in fact a very interesting family from australia dined with us at Goofy's Kitchen, but for some reason, that conversation with the Seattle mom stuck in my head.  A few months later when Steve was on the phone with his recruiter about the Tacoma job, I was floored that he would even consider it, but he did and look where we are today. Our wonderful Disney vacation is but a memory now but I can't help but look back on that Seattle conversation and wonder...was this a clue to prepare for an unexpected adventure? Who knows, but one things for sure, I've learned to never say never on this travel nursing roller coaster! No telling where we end up next.

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