Sunday, March 23, 2014

It's like a Dream

Pinch me, am I dreaming? This life, it just gets better and better. Sure, I miss my family. However I never miss the old merry go round of bills...the texas heat, well maybe the sunshine! and the stagnant life of the known. Life on the road is such an adventure. 

Washington state...aaah so lush, green, and the trees leave me speechless. I never tire of driving through tree tunnels...seemingly lost in a forest. The smell alone is intoxicating. The view... Beyond words. So much to take little time. Contract ends June 7, so Until then I will be gazing at mt rainier, the deep blue water of the puget sound, forests, snow capped mountains, elk, eating seafood, going to casinos, living in a luxury apt, and shopping at winco, my new fav supermarket. 

My northern exposure has been a success and while I don't want it to end, we are itching to get on the road again...maybe Colorado for the summer.

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