Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Reality in Roswell

So far I have blogged about the romantic aspects of New Mexico... the Land of Enchantment. While it is truly enchanting here there are still many social issues that are not so beautiful. 
Crime... it's everywhere. I mean everywhere, like next door, around the corner, down the street. 
Gunfire... seriously, at night it's like the wild wild west.
Drugs... rampant
Liquor... easily purchased and sold at Walmart at the checkout counter.
Mental Illness... on every corner
Homelessness... just a part of everyday life in Roswell.
Am I shocked? No.
Having lived in the Houston area most of my life, I'm somewhat prepared for these issues, but it seems like per capita, there is more despair here in town. It's just sad.
and I've not even scratched the surface with the whole Alien thing... It's just weird. 
oh and I almost forgot about the flies...they swarm everywhere, even indoors, ugh!
With that said, am I glad we came here? most definitely, YES!
Has this experience changed the way I see people? NO, not really! 
Does travel change you? um, don't know yet!
In a nutshell, people are just people. 
We always have our guard up (as in armed), but we are always prepared to minister to God's people...
 wherever they are! 
And here in Roswell... we have not had any trouble finding opportunities to do just that! lol
On the flip side... we are surrounded by dedicated police, firemen, emt's, paramedics, nurses, doctors,  ministers, and just good people who are all trying to heal a broken city. 
We are leaving in 3 weeks... where are we going? don't know. 
But one thing's for sure it will be someplace in need of physical (and spiritual) healing. 
Be in prayer for Steve's next assignment.   


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