Saturday, October 26, 2013

Carlsbad, NM

Well, after an uneventful 2 weeks, Steve finally had some time off and we were able to get away to Carlsbad! He has been working a lot, like 5 night shifts in a row.  This hospital is needy and he can't say no per his contract. But, the good news is that he is scheduled off 5 days in a row, so, off to Carlsbad we go!

The drive was almost all desert but, the Caverns were amazing! So vast... they just went on and on... like 1.5 miles underground. we actually took the shortest route and it was about an hour and a half walk. WOW! you could spend a couple of days here. There is a lot to see!

Steve and Spencer down in the bottom of the cavern.

this will be just a memory someday...

  The drive through the park did not disappoint us either!  

The New Mexico desert is beautiful! 

We had a picnic lunch and drove about 10 miles on a scenic loop gravel road! 

A Doe and 2 Fawns crossed our path! 

 We stopped at a scenic lookout on the drive through the park...

and came upon this indian rock shelter. You can really walk into it! 

The day we checked out of our hotel, we decided to stop at the Living Desert Zoo, and so glad we did!
The zoo only has local wildlife, many have been injured or confiscated from their owners. This kitty cat (cougar) was so glad to see us! She was raised as a pet and now lives at the zoo.  

beautiful girl! 

She got up and followed us along the fence rubbing up against it and purring like a household cat. 

just yawning! but she could do some serious damage to your furniture!

Spencer enjoyed the bat exhibit!

The grounds were wonderful and had lots of opportunity just to sit and relax. 

We bought our National Park Pass while we were here so we can visit all the parks along our journey. Before we left for Tacoma, we came back to Carlsbad on 11/15/13 and took the long tour. It was a steep walk down into the cavern, but so interesting and primitive...

This is the original entrance before the elevators were put in.

That's a long way down...

Let's turning back now!

We walked and walked and walked...

but so worth it...Wow!

So vast...

Each room holds more to just keeps going and going...

another amazing natural wonder of God's handiwork...

Now... back to Roswell !

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