Thursday, July 9, 2015

2 years

We have been traveling now for almost 2 years.
Yes, 2 years!
We have lived more in these past 2 years than I ever imagined.
It literally flew by... and I do still believe it is temporary. 
As is this life in general.
Yesterday also marked 2 years of being houseless...
No mortgage and NO debt.
Of course we maintain a legal home in Texas and I don't see that ever changing.
But today we experience pure freedom as we make our choices
for location employment and housing.
Corporate furnished housing has worked out the best for us.
Ultimately coordinating it ourselves with the stipend has proven to be the most
financially beneficial and seems to give us more control.
None of the "you have to vacate in 48 hours..."
We will vacate when we want to according to our lease agreement...
Love it!
And we will move onto the next location as we please...
Travel Nursing has afforded us all these options and more!
We have been blessed to travel through Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona, 
California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Nevada these past 2 years!
Wow! What a gift!
Spending most of our time in Nevada in the high desert.

Just living...

In freedom...




Just breathing it all in...

(wow! you can really see my torn rotator cuff here! lol)
and of course hubby has been working at his life calling.
Which is what all of this is about, his amazing career that affords us such excitement!
We look to the future...
The remainder of this year has us committed to Nevada with plans to return to Texas to visit.
2016 is still up for grabs! 
As always we pray for God's direction and we accept his timing ultimately.
Whenever and Wherever that may be...


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