Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Boise Idaho Day 1

Whenever Steve has a block of days off,
We try to take advantage of our temporary stay here in Nevada by sightseeing as much as we can.
So, on 7/19 we had that chance again.
It's always nice to get away and explore a new city.
Every town we visit has something unique about it.
We love to just sight see the land, experience the food, watch the people...
But we are still not too adventurous in the food department, lol.
We have taken some chances on sampling the local cuisine in many cities
but 90% of the time we are disappointed.
I hate that empty hungry feeling from that moment when we were optimistic 
and sadly unfulfilled. 
Well Boise did not disappoint us!
It's a pretty good size city, compared to most out here...
And bustling with a good strong college.
Boise State
This only means one thing...
Good Food!!! lol
We had an uneventful drive through the desert for most of the morning
when all of a sudden we crossed into the most lush farmland.
Seriously the view was breathtaking!
Idaho is so lovely and GREEN!
Lots of farms, Mennonite and Amish too!
We pulled into the Cracker Barrel in Nampa, ID about noon and it was packed!
Packed with families...
I even chatted with a sweet Mennonite woman as we were entering the restaurant and then saw an Amish family with children shopping in the country store.
They wore traditional dress and their children were named Silas and Nathaniel.
How lovely!
Of course I respected their privacy and held myself back from taking pictures of them!
Trust me it was not easy as they were such a lovely simple family!
We thoroughly enjoyed a relaxing lunch with satisfying familiar food.
So so good!
Now onto our roomy suite at La Quinta in Meridian!

complete with a full kitchen!

Total comfort! 

Just ask Spencer! lol
This is the way we prefer to travel!
We totally indulged for 3 days of blissful eating, sleeping, sightseeing...
This is just one of the many restaurants we ventured into
The RAM Brewery...


Of course I order the fried prawns...

And they were perfect! 

huge and tender!

Steve ordered fish tacos, he said they were great!

Spencer ate another burger!! lol, his regular, but he said it was really good!
Then we had a real treat for dessert! 

We went to Fred Meyer (Kroger) and found this... 
 Umpqua VANILLA BEAN Ice Cream!
We got addicted to this yummy goodness when we were living in Washington,
 so we were really excited to find it in Idaho...

We took it back to the hotel room and ate half of it! lol
We are full and exhausted but,
We enjoy day 1 and look forward to filling up on more amazing meals,
Mingling with humanity, 
Shopping for a few necessities,
Visiting a zoo,
Picture taking and just good old fashioned sightseeing.
I'll blog about our Zoo adventures tomorrow!

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