Sunday, July 5, 2015

The Real Virginia City

 We go to Reno about once a month to get our big city fix.
Ya know... Like shopping, dining, traffic, crime, etc...
But we never made it to Virginia City til now! 
Last summer the fires were too bad that there was no visibility for months,
So we decided that as soon as we could get out there this summer we would definately do it!!
The day finally arrived and we drove off the beaten path through Fernley.
Saw lots of wild horse warning signs.
Sadly, I've no pictures of my own.

Finally in Silver Springs we saw about 6 just outside of town.
We definitely took the scenic route today...

And here we are...
The real Wild Wild West of Virginia City!
Quite amazing that what remains of a mining boomtown has been preserved here for years!

This is "near" the famed Ponderosa Ranch from Bonanza.

This map is totally wrong, lol, but the whole town literally looks like a old western TV set.
We parked in the parking lot of this old church...

So quaint... 
And continued to walk into town down the narrow main road.
Here's the famed Bucket of Blood Saloon...

It was lunchtime and there were numerous restruants to choose from.
We selected this place...
So glad we did! 
Wow! Some of the best pizza ever!
And trust me... We know our pizza! lol
Every building here is so unique and completely stuck in time although most have modern updates.

Of course we found a candy shop!

and the old post office still in operation!

They have done a great job preserving the old west.

Complete with lots of characters roaming around...

they have a staged gunfight, too!

these two wound up in jail, lol

where are the Cartwright's when you need them?

And no visit is complete without the train ride.

Yep we rode the steam train to a ghost town, lol.

Here's the old depot in Gold Hill...

Went through some tunnels too...

Even found an old trestle...

Fun afternoon!

We just stayed for a few hours.

About 3pm we took the winding canyon drive to Reno! 
Taking in some of the best views ever.
But the best part was yet to come...
As we left Virginia City and drove to Reno we were able to spot numerous Wild Horses.
These looked healthier and even had some younger colts with them!
The canyon drive winded through the mountains with the best view of Reno opening up before us!
And the best view of the wild horses...
These days are so good.
Nevada... so free and wild!
No pics though, just so thankful and amazed to see them at all.
Finally arriving in Reno and checking into our hotel for 3 days and 2 nights!
Time to rest, eat and shop!

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