Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Star Broiler Steakhouse

We've celebrated yet another milestone together as we travel.
Our 15th anniversary was a solemn one. 
No balloons, cakes, family dinners...
 Just the 2 of us at a quiet intimate dinner.
Since Steve has taken on more shifts at the honey hole 
we were thankful just to find an evening we could share together alone.
I searched for a local steakhouse with good reviews and found one in a surprising place.
The Star broiler Steakhouse
Smack dab in a shady little casino, lol.
The restruant is surprisingly quiet with relaxing music and nice table settings.
We were seated in a dimly lit intimate booth and immediately served iced water with bread/butter.
(Btw, I love Nevada water, tastes so good to me.)
I must have drank about 4 glasses.
We were impressed right away with our attentive waitress and even more impressed with the menu...
Mine was easy...go with the coconut prawns entree.
Steve chose a filet.
Out came our salads... Perfect.
Then the main! 

The west coast prawns are huge and meaty, but still tender. So good.
Steve's filet was good too. 

Yay! So we will definately be back! 
Wonderful evening out with the most wonderful man I know.
I could go on and on about my amazing loving hubby but I'll stop here and just say that...
I am so blessed to share my life with him as we travel our journey together! 
Now on to more adventures...

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