Saturday, March 14, 2015

Extension Granted

So... An infusion of temporary security just occurred at the honey hole.
That was fast.
Yeah we just got here 5 weeks ago but
Steve knows right away if it's a good fit for us.
 An extension is just what we need to make the most of this assignment
and to give mama a little dose of serenity for the moment.
Especially since we coordinated our own rental housing 
complete with security deposits and pet fees. 
It just makes good sense to extend right now.
13 weeks goes by way too fast anyway.
Now this gives us ample time to plan some fun excursions this summer.
Not to mention the satisfaction my sweet hubby has with his career.
It's so good when all these things come together at once.
Steve has always been offered an extension early on in his past assignments
but never accepted one this early in the game.
After a disappointing contract in Kingwood...
I think we just need this right now.
Not tomorrow...
Just today...
Just 5 blissful months of the known.
Since we know more grand adventures are lurking just over the horizon
and lots of unknown awaits us in the future.
We are reminded every day how fragile this travel nursing life is...
How fast contracts can be made and cancelled.
How easy it is to be caught in a difficult contract.
How long 13 weeks can be in a bad contract.
How fortunate we are right this very moment to have a good contract.
We are thankful for this and
We know every bit of it is temporary and
We will travel elsewhere soon and
We will be excited and ready to go when that day comes.
But right now we are enjoying every minute of this lovely peaceful assignment
 In the high desert at the honey hole.


  1. Sounds like our lives have a lot of things in many unknowns when you live and work nomad-style. Like you said, it's exciting...and oh so tiring sometimes. The peace of the desert is awesome...enjoy :)!

    1. Yes we do! Thanks for commenting, it's good to know there are kindred spirits out there who understand the ups and downs of travel life and how fast things can change on the road. It takes us right to the edge and just when we can't stand it one more minute, poof....everything changes. LOL, Happy travels to you!

  2. Best thing about a contract extension is it refills and energizes your mind for more adventure. It's like downtime. I'm on an extension now and I feel like a staff nurse. I know peoples names, they know me, it's kinda weird. That said, I have short timers right now and can't wait for what's to never know.

    1. Yep, Nevada is becoming our home away from home. We needed to rest and refill our bank acct and this honey hole is the answer to our prayers right now. Never know where we will end up after this contract.... Just part of the adventure!