Sunday, November 16, 2014

Our epic Texas road trip begins...

October 20th was a beautiful clear cold morning and a wonderful start to our epic road trip back to Texas.
Our jeep is loaded down, complete with 2 cats and most of our worldly possessions.

We leave Winnemucca early, about 6am and travel east toward Battle Mountain. After grabbing some quick breakfast and topping off our gas tank we head south on a lonely hwy to Las Vegas... And I mean lonely highway, like we drive for miles and miles and never see a car. 

The long desolate drive gives us plenty of time to reflect on the past 19 weeks. I definitely will miss the gorgeous sunrises and sunsets and the amazing views from our apt and my mountain backyard.

It's hard to imagine a place so vast and traffic ever, so much elbow room and freedom! 
That's the one thing that I will remember forever!

Around lunchtime, we find an area to rest and enjoy our picnic lunch, of course we are still in the middle of nowhere. I'm so glad I packed our food for the day as the opportunities for lunch have been minimal, like a dirty gas station on a desolate highway.  
Thank goodness we were able to get gas often since our little tank only holds 12 gallons. 
So, after a brief stop we continue on to Las Vegas. Somewhere near the Death Valley exit, my phone starts working and we pick up a location for Area 51. Makes sense... In the middle of no where, near Death Valley and near Edwards Air Force base. Could be...
Finally 9 hours later we enter the outskirts of Las Vegas. We are met with traffic, and restaurants, and people...lots of them! Our Laquinta is just west of town and we arrive safely. Our room is good and we are ready to rest on the first leg of our epic road trip home. 

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