Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Flagstaff Az

We left Las Vegas and arrived in Flagstaff, AZ on 10/22. 
It was a wonderful drive of only about 5 hours. 
We were so pleased to see that Flagstaff was woodsy and really nice.
 There was a ski resort nearby in what seemed to be the middle of the desert. We are at a higher altitude so it's about 20 degrees cooler and that's nice. As soon as we arrived at our La Quinta we could tell we would definately enjoy our stay here. This day was a very special day like no other...Steve's 39th birthday! 
We have a special birthday gift to share tomorrow but today we decide to go to Outback Steakhouse! We splurged and both ordered a Victoria filet and lobster for our birthday dinner!  Yumm! 
It's an early evening for us as we have a special reservation bright and early in the morning!

Happy Birthday Steve...I love you and our crazy adventure!

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