Saturday, November 15, 2014

Hello Texas

It's great to be back home! We had a wonderful roadtrip back to Texas, sightseeing all through Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico! I'll be blogging about our 2 weeks of living on the lam while we were in between Steve's contracts and I'll also break the trip down in bite size pieces so I can savor every single moment over and over again. It was a magical end to our west coast adventure... Celebrating our birthdays on the road and even spending a lovely week in Springtown, Tx with my Mom and Dad! We have been in a state of constant reunion these last few days/weeks. It's good but travel life is hard sometimes and we find ourselves tired and discouraged, it's emotional and full of never ending hellos and goodbyes. It's our choice though, to live in freedom and to choose a full life of endless possibilities. This travel life isn't new to us anymore and maybe some of the sparkle has left. Now life continues and presents constant job opportunities which require much decision making. We never had so many choices before us...soon we must decide a travel plan for 2015/2016. We must also come to terms with a new travel vehicle and make some hard decisions regarding housing. So scary and exciting all at once, and honestly we have multiple possibilities, each can be good for us.
 So now... we eat kolaches, bbq and Mexican food, we spend day after day visiting with family and friends, we schedule dr appts, rearrange our storage, enjoy great cell service, wifi, and cable, 
shop at HEB and Kroger, and pray and wait...
 just part of the adventure.  

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