Sunday, November 30, 2014


or almost home...
We love ABQ but on this visit we are all about getting home.
So we pulled into town about 3 pm and went straight to LaQuinta to check in.
Wouldn't you know it was the worst check in we have ever encountered. 
I am a very compassionate understanding person.
I did not expect there to be a New Mexico State blind convention in Albuquerque 
this weekend nor did I expect them to all be staying at the Laquinta.
Laquinta was totally unprepared to meet the needs of so many 
handicapped people at the same time. 
I'm not kidding when I say that there were 70 sight impaired people
 tapping their walking sticks
 and only 1 Laquinta Clerk to help them check in. 
For God's sake, they cannot see.
They cannot read your paper map of the hotel.
They cannot find the elevator.
They are all trying to check in under a special group rate...
What a disaster.
But alas, we finally check in and are given a wonderful large suite and we head to 
Cracker Barrel for dinner.
It's a good evening and we rest up for our long drive tomorrow.
The last leg of our West Coast Adventure!
We should arrive in Texas tomorrow!

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