Thursday, December 17, 2015

Lovely Lovelock Nevada

Yes it is lovelier up close than the view you get from the Interstate.
I know OJ Simpson lives there and all
At the Lovelock Correctional Facility
plus we've driven right by without even a glance at the town.
So finally, in September, we decided to take a little day trip and 
we found it to be a quirky picturesque place and 
Perfect for an afternoon of picture taking and sightseeing.

We first stopped at the Pershing County Courthouse.

It's right in the center of town...

Across from the Safeway!

We walked the well kept grounds...
Admiring the old building and plaques like this one...
The Ten Commandments

And right behind the courthouse is a little park...

Lover's Lock

We enjoyed looking through all the locks...,_Nevada

Some are quite old.

This is my favorite!

Then we drove around and snapped a few pics.

Reservation Administration Buildings...

The little local hospital...

and just as we were leaving town we saw these guys...

I'm sure the owners wondered why I was taking a picture of their goats and Llama, lol

We found out later that there are caves nearby
Maybe we can visit them before we leave the area.
All in all, Lovelock is very quaint historic town.
Another nice day trip in the vast Nevada desert!

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