Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Homeschool Murder Mystery Dinner Party

We had so much fun with this party!

One of our creative dedicated homeschool moms 
(Becky Coleman)

decided to host a Murder Mystery Dinner 

at her home for the older kids in our group!

She planned it perfectly to take place on October 30!

Not only is that a great spooky day before Halloween, but it's my birthday too! lol

She transformed her home into the


She even sent out official invitations instructing each participant as to their character and costume.

Spencer is General Dijon.

So fun!

The afternoon started with mingling and snacks...

With each suspect revealing more and more about their relationship with the deceased...lol

Then leading into a full bloody spaghetti dinner!

which by the way... Spencer loved! lol

Dessert was complete with bloody cupcakes...

Topped with shards of glass, lol
Courtesy of another rockin' homeschool mom, Jackie Grant!

The guests had to dress and stay in character the whole time!

Everyone was a possible suspect...

Not knowing who the murderer was until the big reveal!!!

Then of course, the Officer had to arrest the suspect! lol

I am so hosting one of these mystery dinners in the future! 

And no party is complete without goodie bags!
The hostess even remembered my birthday and showered me...

With a lovely card and a bouquet of flowers!!

They really opened up and bloomed the next day!
I am so blessed!!
Thank you Lord for these good days in Nevada.
What a sweet memory this will be someday.

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