Thursday, June 18, 2015

Winnemucca Basque Festival

I'm so glad I went ahead to the parade on Saturday 6/12/15.
I almost talked myself out of it, 
But I went...
ALONE, ugh.
So, this is really out of my element to go somewhere by myself.
But I faced my fears and headed downtown mid morning.
And guess what?
I'm ok... Just me and my handy dandy camera!
I found a great parking space and a spot in the shade
To view the Basque Festival Parade!
It's sort of a big deal here!
The Basque people have a long history in this area.
So, Winnemucca celebrates their heritage with a parade and festival in June each year.
In the beautiful high desert of Nevada!

on one of the old historic hotels in town...

Here's some parade pics! 

From the beginning...

The grand marshall

children dressed in traditional basque clothing!

a good turn out on this warm summer day!

Traditional basque music... it sounded a lot like Texas polka music!

Winnemucca Fire Dept!


These ambulances are massive!

They have the best rescue vehicles!

Local folks turned out too!

Softball teams!

Lots of kids enjoying the candy!

more parade...

Winnemucca rural fire dept.

more floats...

Massive BLM Fire Trucks!

and I mean MASSIVE, like a tank!

Even Smokey the Bear was there!

The crowd was really enjoying it!

More huge BLM fire fighting equipment!


I guess that's about it.
There was a festival with food, dancing, music but I didn't stay for all that!
The parade was enough for one day!

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