Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Texas Lakehouse

So, I emptied out my cameras...
and found lots of wonderful pictures I need to share!
While we were in Texas earlier this year, Spencer and I went to the Lakehouse 
that belongs to my daughters boyfriends family. 
I know it's confusing but anyway...
We had a good relaxing weekend visiting with Emilie, Zach,
And his family in Broaddus, Texas on Lake Sam Rayburn.

Beautiful sunset behind me!

We played with dogs...

chugger and bonnie

We enjoyed a campfire...

Spencer, Emilie and Zach went canoeing...

They picked up bonnie on the way back!

I even rode the 4 wheeler with Zach's mom, lol
So fun and oh how I miss them and being in Texas.

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