Thursday, July 24, 2014

Winnemucca Nevada

So much has happened since we landed in the beautiful high desert of Winnemucca, Nevada. We've explored Reno and Sparks at least 3 times. We've vacationed in Lake Tahoe and visited Ca. We rode gondolas, ski lifts, zip lines, went kayaking, para sailed, and enjoyed
 an evening sunset cruise. Sometimes I just get caught in the moment and I don't take the pictures I should and I certainly don't take the time to blog as I should. But, life is good and I treasure these moments. I'll blog more about Lake Tahoe soon but here's a picture from the top of Heavenly Mountain...just amazing!

Winnemucca is a beautiful peaceful place surrounded by pink mountains, sandy desert, and wildlife. No beautiful christmas trees here like Washington State, but I've been pleasantly surprised by the area. Life is slow here and I mean slow. It took 7-10 days to get parts for the jeep repair, 1 hour photos from walmart, and tires for the jeep. Parts have to be ordered and technicians have to be flown in. Then the repairs have to be scheduled.  No one and I mean no one is in a hurry.  So different from the fast paced city life in Houston and Tacoma.
The land is beautiful and we gaze off in the distance quite often. In the evenings there are wonderful pink and purple sunsets and each morning we are greeted with the same in the sunrises. Just this morning I got a glimpse of a herd of antelope in the distance right out my bedroom window. This is what we enjoy... seeing the vast wide open spaces.  As far as you can see til the horizon meets the land nothing but blue skies. 
Our apt sits on higher ground overlooking the city. At night we see the stars sparkling and the city lights shining like a beacon in the darkness. It's really dark here at night. So still, cool and quiet.
We were even able to catch a glimpse of the supermoon in the clear cold sky ...

These things I want to remember forever. 

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