Thursday, July 31, 2014

Lovely Lake Tahoe Days 1/2

I am absolutely blown away by the beauty of the West! It leaves me speechless, seriously, like I can't blog speechless. I don't have words for the magnificence of God's creation. It's that good. This travel life is that good. As we arrive at new places I am so over stimulated that I am emotional. However, I have to put that aside and get some words and pictures on my blog so I can remember it forever. Despite all the "vacationing" we seem to be doing, my hubby is working hard. He loves the hospital here but it is still work. So while he is working we are sightseeing on his days off. We never know his schedule more then about 4 weeks in advance so really that is all the time we have to book something. We cannot take an extended stay at a location like a real vacation so we are just experiencing what we can in small lovely Lake Tahoe!
Lake Tahoe, really? I never imagined I would ever get to see it in my lifetime. Not on our list of places to go and very pricey too. 
We had no idea it was this close when we landed in Winnemucca. We knew we were about 2 1/2 hours from Reno, but so close to Lake Tahoe too? So we took a little drive to Reno to visit the outlet mall in Sparks, which by the way was fantastic, lots of great shops and restaurants! 
Lo and behold we saw the Lake Tahoe signs... and of course we had to see Lake Tahoe for ourselves!  
Who would pass up a chance to visit this beautiful Lake Resort?
Not us, so I booked us a 4 day 3 night stay at Forest Suites Resort at Heavenly Village
 Totally affordable in the off season and so much to see and do! 
Located right at the base of the gondolas! 

They literally run right over your head at the hotel! 

The base camp area is filled with great restaurants and shops! 

like Base Camp Pizza

The perfect way to relax after a day of riding gondolas, ski lifts and conquering the blue streak zip line at Heavenly Ski Resort

Yes it is really that blue! 

Steve took a lot of gopro videos, I just don't know how to add them to the blog.

This guy loves an adventure! 

Wow! the view is amazing from the gondolas! 

Spencer and I at the observation deck!

Now to ride the ski lifts to the highest point of the mountain for the Zip lining! 

The air and sunshine ... breathtaking

I rode first with Spencer! Here we are just getting off! 

Such a rush I've never experiences before in my life! 

Here comes Steve, gopro and all!

A perfect landing!


So the Heavenly Ski Resort straddles 2 states... 

We had some fun with that... I'm in wait I'm in California! 

lots to do at the top of the mountain, here's the breakdown of activities on the NV side and what's on the CA side, too!

but it's time to ride back down and prepare for more adventures tomorrow! 

In the afternoon we took a drive over to Camp Richardson

so beautiful...

lots of kayaks

boating too

and a mama raccoon with her babies!

I'll blog more about day 3/4...
parasailing, kayaking, and the wonderful evening dinner cruise!
Super fun memories! 

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