Monday, May 25, 2015

The Merry Month of May

Is quickly slipping away...
No, don't go...
Not yet.
It seems as Spring has just arrived here in Nevada
And now Summer is lurking over the horizon. 
We still have one more short trip planned this month for Reno.
To celebrate a special birthday with some shopping, gaming and dining...
But in the mean time our days are full of work, homeschooling, 
Cooking, netflixing, dreaming and stargazing...
We are in a good cycle right now of living where we have a
Healthy balance of work and play.
My sweetheart finds satisfaction in his nursing career out here in the desert
As time seems to stand still...
We plan more magical adventures and
We celebrate a special milestone with our son

Who has now joined the ranks of official teenager! 

I love this kid so much! 
Happy 13th Birthday Spencer!

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