Monday, September 30, 2013

Exploring New mexico

We have been here about 11 days , I think. Steve has worked the better part of those days and has been really too tired to do much sightseeing. We did go to the Welcome Center and the local Museum. The local museum was a great find and larger than expected. We didn't allow for enough time so I hope that we will stop by before we leave Roswell.  At the Welcome center we were able to chat with a girl who advised us to take a scenic drive to Ruidoso.

 Yes! Those are hills in the background!
 Me and Billy the Kid!
We took her advice and it was great! hills, mountains, ski resorts, restaurants... a place you could get lost... We will definitely be back soon. We are headed to Carlsbad Caverns this week and I hope to take some amazing photos while we are there. I am also looking forward to the learning opportunities for Spencer.  He really doesn't understand the gift of travel that we have given him. I pray it will be a big blessing in his adult life.

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