Tuesday, June 4, 2013

God sent the realtor to our house

True story, almost unbelievable. We've worked so hard on this house and for so long. 13 years of home improvement with the last 2 years of constant work. Every day off and every payday has been some type of home repair. Just when we were done, like emotionally done, a well known realtor shows up at the door, WITH A BUYER. I'm still wrapping my brain around it all and I want to blog about all while it's still fresh in my head. In 28 years of selling real estate, realtor said this is only the 2nd time he has had an investor request a specific home and the owners were ready to sell. Oh these owners are ready! For 2 years I have had this realtors name in my "house notebook" we had planned to call him June 15 to list it. We have known this realtor through church for the last 13 years but he didn't know where we lived nor did he know we wanted to sell.  We've prayed for years that the right buyer come forward. Realtor says that investor will pay market price, as is, no inspections or repairs, cash , and close in 30 days. Really? No formal listing, no staging, no cleaning, no showing, no inspections, no more repairs. Buyer will split the 5% realtor fee too. Really? Please pray. May have contract in hand today.

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